Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic*
-Arthur C. Clarke

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2015 International Year of Light
2015 is the International Year of Light*

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Inspiring Light
Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber is one of my light inspirations*

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Let you're light shine. Let there be light. Shine on*

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John Lennon

Yeah we all shine on, 
like the moon, and the stars, 
and the sun. 
- John Lennon

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Lara, Superman's Mother.

Superman's mother is named Lara. I find it very coincidental that all the costumes in this scene are made from reflective fabric...the same that my jewelry is made from!*

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Einstein's Dreams

This is one of my favorite books that I can read over and over*

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Light poem

You couldn’t have strength without weakness,

you couldn’t have light without dark,

you couldn’t have love without loss
― Jodi Picoult

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Mica Flower Bracelet

Name: Mica Flower Bracelet
Materials: Mica Paper, Pearls, Silk Thread, Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 7 1/2" Long x 1 1/2" Wide
Date: 2002
My original material inspiration was mica. This bracelet was made early on after I graduated from architecture school. I was told by my professor, Allen Wexler, to never stop doing my own thing and to always keep working.

At the time, I was was an architect and realized pretty early on, that though I love architecture, I hated the profession for a number of reasons which I can talk about in other posts.

I was really meant to get my master's degree and study industrial design which I did and am so grateful*

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In a month we are headed to Maui to see the sky and to relax in paradise. If you know any great recommendations to visit, please let me know.

I found this amazing photo on this website*

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Ancient Iridescent Glass
I love that artifacts turn iridescent by over time. If you read the article here, it's actually a thin film.  I've seen antique bottles from the 1800's with the same iridescent film in street fairs here in New York City, but never bought any...i think I might need a few*

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Light Poem

Even after all this time,
the sun never says to the earth,
'You owe me.'
Look what happens with a love like that.
It lights the whole sky*


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Micro glass

This is a photograph of my Nebula Jewelry under a microscope. I give all of my stores little microscopes so that customers can view that it is all made out of glass. Allowing people to discover and learn is important to me because understanding the magic doesn't take away the mystery, it makes it more magical*

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This opal is clearly amazing. You can learn more about it on this blog.

Some people think that opals are bad luck, but the reason is that they are inherently fragile.

Most of my work looks like it fell from outer space then then washed up on the beach. I'm not trying, but I really think it's because I grew up on the beach. Opals pair well with my work and you can expect them in my collection in the future*

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Graphic Light

I love illustrations with Light shown graphically. I'm on a quest to collect them.  If you know any good examples, send them my way!  

I love how this one goes two ways.  The lights are shining lights on the eyes and the eyes are looking at the lights.*

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Edith Warton - Light

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. - Edith Warton

In this quest to develop social media for my company, I see there is an overwhelming amount of information online. Instead of just finding things to post, the best tactic is going to be using social media as a catalyst for developing new ideas. Mapping out a few weeks of postings is making me think more about what this company is all about and what projects I need to finish in order to develop further. It's really a conversation*

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Glowing Bodega Flowers

I was drawn to the "glow" of these flowers. They really look like they are lit from within because of the plastic mesh. I'm wondering what would happen if I encase flowers with my materials...I'm going to find out.

Serge Lutens has a great fragrance called "Nuit de Cellophane" is inspired by street flowers.*

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Paper White Poppy

I looked out the window this morning and saw this single paper white poppy flower glowing.*

"Deep in their roots,
all flowers keep the light."
-Theodore Roethke

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The Dark Side
In the spirit of this article in the New Yorker, I'm going to Hawaii in August to see the sky.  It's sad that we are all missing out on what our ancestors experienced*

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Opalescent Glass
Opalescent glass is so magical and poetic. It's as if tropical water solidified and captured the sun. The yellow light that shines out looks like the glass is lit within*

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Light Is - Poem by David Taylor

Light is the breaking of dawn
Light is the load when you are just born
Light is a place without any fear
Light is when your lover is near
Light is a heart that's open and free
Light is a place where truth you can see
Light is a feeling that's good
Light is when everything's clear, understood
Light is the absence of dark
Light is a summer picnic in a beautiful park
Light is just simply walking on air
Light is what makes the shine in her hair
Light is what warms and what feeds
Light is not having any more needs
Light is a magical feeling inside
Light is the side of the street to reside
Light is always and always will be
Light is what joins us, him, you and me
Light Is*

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Beaux Arts Architecture

This is the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue between 41st and 42nd. For my own curiously, as I come here to quietly work on my business plan, I'll share what I learn*

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If you're ever sitting at your desk and wonder what's going on out there in the universe, I recommend the Skyguide app.

The best thing is that you can move it around and view everything around you, the second best is that you can go backward and forward in time and change your location*

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New Yorker's know what this is and what this means. Manhattanhenge happens twice a year as the sun sets at the end of the street.

I feel like we all realize that even though we live in this bustling city, events like this are very grounding*

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Ultramarine Blue

I can't get over how blue these flowers are. We planted wild flowers that are native to the North East to attract bees and butterflies.  This flower is a Rocket Larkspur.  I highly recommend this seed mix from American Meadows.*

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Soft Light, Soft Cat, Hard Questions

It's been a great experience being part of the DENYC program as they help me figure out how to grow my business.
Today is a day I need to relax and reflect on my business plan, marketing strategy, direction and designs. There are so many possibilities and opportunities, especially here in New York City.
Having a beautiful chaise to think in and the 3D lighting next to me makes my studio feel like an ethereal art gallery*

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Moonbow's and 3D Light
Moon bow's are created through light interference which is the same way that our 3D lighting is created. It's a way of creating a magical moment with light. Because our our eyes see things in a stereoscopic way, these effects and events don't have the same impact online as they do in person*

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This is my first blog post for a new daily self imposed project to write everyday.  It seems natural to start with why I'm so obsessed with reflective materials.

Being interested in many things, I know that time is limited and it feels right to dive into one thing, get into the depth of it and to see how far it can go.  This may not be the normal path for my "professions" of industrial design, architecture, jewelry or art, but it's what I am choosing to do because it's about learning and discovering.

It may seem that my palette is limited or that the effects from these materials are only "cool", but I see so much more and that's what I want to spend my life exploring. I see reflective materials as an expansive untapped resource for creating work because 
there is something so magical and alive about these materials that I think is completely unexplored. 

There are also many fundamental questions not being asked about what is possible. It's really about exploring the "essence" of what's happening as well as the "idea" of the material, which is what my career path is all about. To a larger extent, it has now become about creating new materials.*

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A letter from Albert Einstein to his daughter: about The Universal Force which is LOVE

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In the late 1980s, Lieserl, the daughter of the famous genius, donated 1,400 letters, written by Einstein, to the Hebrew University, with orders not to publish their contents until two decades after his death. This is one of them, for Lieserl Einstein. More can be found about Lieserl here
…”When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few understood me, and what I will reveal now to transmit to mankind will also collide with the misunderstanding and prejudice in the world.
I ask you to guard the letters as long as necessary, years, decades, until society is advanced enough to accept what I will explain below.
There is an extremely powerful force that, so far, science has not found a formal explanation to. It is a force that includes and governs all others, and is even behind any phenomenon operating in the universe and has not yet been identified by us.
This universal force is LOVE.
When scientists looked for a unified theory of the universe they forgot the most powerful unseen force.
Love is Light, that enlightens those who give and receive it.
Love is gravity, because it makes some people feel attracted to others.
Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have, and allows humanity not to be extinguished in their blind selfishness. Love unfolds and reveals.
For love we live and die.
Love is God and God is Love.
This force explains everything and gives meaning to life. This is the variable that we have ignored for too long, maybe because we are afraid of love because it is the only energy in the universe that man has not learned to drive at will.
To give visibility to love, I made a simple substitution in my most famous equation.
If instead of E = mc2, we accept that the energy to heal the world can be obtained through love multiplied by the speed of light squared, we arrive at the conclusion that love is the most powerful force there is, because it has no limits.
After the failure of humanity in the use and control of the other forces of the universe that have turned against us, it is urgent that we nourish ourselves with another kind of energy…
If we want our species to survive, if we are to find meaning in life, if we want to save the world and every sentient being that inhabits it, love is the one and only answer.
Perhaps we are not yet ready to make a bomb of love, a device powerful enough to entirely destroy the hate, selfishness and greed that devastate the planet.
However, each individual carries within them a small but powerful generator of love whose energy is waiting to be released.
When we learn to give and receive this universal energy, dear Lieserl, we will have affirmed that love conquers all, is able to transcend everything and anything, because love is the quintessence of life.
I deeply regret not having been able to express what is in my heart, which has quietly beaten for you all my life. Maybe it’s too late to apologize, but as time is relative, I need to tell you that I love you and thanks to you I have reached the ultimate answer! “.
Your father Albert Einstein

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Aurora Materialis

This is a video from my master's thesis for Industrial Design at Pratt. "Light is a material"
"Materials are magic waiting to be discovered"*

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